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Is the coffee cup leak-proof?



  • Pilar

    Sería interesante un tapa para el vaso de café y no derramar su contenido en el transporte. Tiene poca utilidad sin tapar herméticamente

  • Irene Malone

    I wish I had seen this before I ordered - worst design for a coffee cup ever, not only can it not be sealed - the shape means you can't even slide it into a holder. The coffee spills so easily. Such a rubbish cup I am not even going to try and sell it as I don't want to inflict it on anyone else! Will never buy again, I have coffee all through my bag despite it being upright the whole time, and the warning about leaking should be in bold on the product info, not hidden back here.

  • Irene Malone

    Just - WHY would you make a to-go cup that doesn't seal? I can't get over it. It just seems such a basic requirement...


  • Topolien


    I am very happy whit my bottle and food-pot.

    So, I orderd my coffee cup to take it to my work. At home I do not need this cup. I do not know how to transport this coffee cup, without spoiling! Help! I did try everything. In a bag, box,  at the bottom of my car. So tell my when do I use this coffee cup. The warning about leaking was nog in the product information, so I 've been not inform correctly. This is very bad. The price is high!

    Apologies and correction will be fine.


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