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Is the original Coffee Cup leak-proof?



  • Irene Malone

    Just - WHY would you make a to-go cup that doesn't seal? I can't get over it. It just seems such a basic requirement...


  • Irene Malone

    I wish I had seen this before I ordered - worst design for a coffee cup ever, not only can it not be sealed - the shape means you can't even slide it into a holder. The coffee spills so easily. Such a rubbish cup I am not even going to try and sell it as I don't want to inflict it on anyone else! Will never buy again, I have coffee all through my bag despite it being upright the whole time, and the warning about leaking should be in bold on the product info, not hidden back here.

  • Justin Porter

    Are you going to produce some sort of plug to stop the coffee cups leaking if transported?

    you could even create an inside plug with the same sort of silicone orings to stop this problem.

    I've seen loads of coments about the leak issue when transported.

  • Pilar

    Sería interesante un tapa para el vaso de café y no derramar su contenido en el transporte. Tiene poca utilidad sin tapar herméticamente

  • Topolien


    I am very happy whit my bottle and food-pot.

    So, I orderd my coffee cup to take it to my work. At home I do not need this cup. I do not know how to transport this coffee cup, without spoiling! Help! I did try everything. In a bag, box,  at the bottom of my car. So tell my when do I use this coffee cup. The warning about leaking was nog in the product information, so I 've been not inform correctly. This is very bad. The price is high!

    Apologies and correction will be fine.


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