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Can I edit/cancel my order?



  • Christine Pick

    Can I change my order to the 750ml bottles with the same pattern on

  • Trivikram Kavuri

    I made a mistake on typing my mobile number can I change to correct one.

  • Camille Roberfroid

    I forget to set a house number on the delivery address but I see it now how can I do

  • Dean Pursey

    Hi, I have ordered the wrong colour bottle, my order number is UK906497S can I change it to a silver colour please.

  • Belen muñoz

    No puedo cancelar ni modificar mi pedido. Quiero añadir la personalización con el nombre. Desde el correo de confirmación, me da error.

  • Jonathan Wicks

    Hi, I’ve experienced a glitchy payment process where by choosing the three instalments through PayPal payment. It’s taken the initial first £20 instalment for an order totalling £60 but I have no order number and or any confirmation via email in regards.
    I decided to go ahead and pay an alternative way via a lump sum to which that went through perfectly and I’ve had all the confirmation and details come through.

    I’d just like to cancel my first order. On PayPal it says “ authorisation in progress” to which I can’t cancel that through PayPal but will have to be through you guys.

    Seeing as I have no details to give it cancel can someone do this on behalf of me as I bought a chillys 2.0 for me and my partner & and I do not need another two, thanks.
    Any help would be great to resolve this ASAP

  • Chouillou brigitte

    La commande a été débitée deux fois

  • Chouillou brigitte

    Il n y a pas de téléphone pour contacter

  • Maureen Ringham

    I have tried & tried to contact Customer Service about a bottle that arrived without a lid  Can anyone help?

  • S Spencer

    hi - i didn't receive my confirmation of my order so I reordered, but now i've received two different confirmations for both orders. Please can I cancel one? it has been more than one hour but I thought neither order had gone through... Please can you help? thanks, Sue


  • Tecla temmink

    I just ordered the wrong article. Unfortunately I can not edit the order. Can you please help. Tecla 

  • Tracy Eastop

    Am I able to change my order in anyway?
    Order 35499595
    Please let me know
    Thank you

  • Vivien Syms

    I've ordered too many bottles and cannot amend order. I didn't get as far as payment. Please can you remove all items.

  • Sarka Bouskova Vasickova

    I've ordered wrong item, any chance to change my order before sending it to the Czech Republic, order 51676511. Instead of cup I should have orderd a bottle  All Black 260 ml. Any chance to change it? thanks a lot for your help


  • Judy Shadbolt

    How do I remove items out of my basket?

  • Naomi Craft

    I ordered a rose gold bottle and an hour afterwards, my son tells me that his girlfriend wants a black one instead of rose gold. Can I swap the colour?



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