When are the Food Pots coming back?




  • Lucy McNee

    That's disappointing - couldn't afford to buy bottle and food pot at same time so just bought my daisy bottle and love it - does exactly what I want - keeps thing really cold when I want and really hot when I want - now that I've put it to the test was going to buy the matching food pot to find you don't do them any more - coffee cup no good as lid need to be secure.

  • Veronica Vargas

    I feel the same as Lucy. The coffee cups are lovely but useless if you need it to be spill proof, and they will not keep warm/cold as long.

  • Isra Fernández

    I think exactly the same as Lucy and Veronica

  • Azul Cyan

    Can you please tell us why you have discontinued the food pots ? They were not good ? You know we love your brand and personally, I would like to have one with my bottle . Could you please tells us why ? Thanks 🙏

  • Ves Aldred

    That’s a great shame. I was looking forward to buying a second one for our household. We fight over the one we have as it gets used nearly every day! People make such a fuss over coffee cups but every other meal (porridge, soup, curries etc) comes in exactly the same kind of container as a coffee cup...
    Please bring them back...

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